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San Juan Safaris

San Juan Safaris

We built a new mobile friendly custom ecommerce website for booking your next outdoor adventure!

Client Introduction

San Juan Safaris is the premiere whale and wildlife watching outfit in the San Juan Islands, helping thousands of people each year experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Number 10 recently redeveloped the entire website( on Drupal including new content architecture, extensive copywriting, a new responsive visual design, ecommerce development, advanced content authoring tools, and more. 

Project Goal

The goal of the relaunch of was to provide a modern secure website solution that San Juan Safaris can use to grow their business. We migrated the website into Drupal from a 12+ year old combination of Wordpress, custom PHP and flat HTML files. We worked to developed a custom ecommerce engine for booking whale and wildlife tours that supports the existing back office workflow used by phone and counter reservation agents.

How We Helped

The redevelopment project presented us with an opportunity to rethink many assumptions about how San Juan Safaris uses their website. When the goal is to start fresh we always begin with content. In this case we had a very long lived website with hundreds of flat HTML files that had been developed over the course of more than a decade, and which included material from a multiple authors with sometimes conflicting goals. We worked with San Juan Safaris management to develop a comprehensive content strategy that leads visitors to the information they are seeking in a logical fashion. With a content strategy in place, we moved on to creating a new consistent visual design that speaks with a strong voice. We employed a mobile first approach to ensure that the growing number of website visitors using mobile devices would have the same rich experience as those using a desktop browser. We relied heavily on a component driven design & development methodology to deliver a robust authoring experience for the business staff, allowing for the arbitrary creation and placement of complex and flexible components.

A major part of this project was building a new Drupal commerce solution for San Juan Safaris that was secure and a pleasure to use when booking a whale and wildlife tour. The previous site had not followed reasonable security practices, and it was imperative that we address these issues. In addition we provided unique tools for selling tickets and packages associated with the complex sailing and tour schedule. The final ecommerce solution also integrates with their existing backoffice workflow, and allows for last minute changes to schedule and tour availability.

The Results

Through our redevelopment of we have created a business foundation for growth.. As guests of San Juan Safaris  continue to return year after year they can depend on the new website to lead them to the fun, safe, and memorable whale and wildlife adventures they expect from San Juan Safaris.